Malahide Castle

Monday, August 28, 2017

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Bank Holiday

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

"At sea, I learned how little a person needs, not how much.''  
Robin Lee Graham

I have a love/hate relationship with bank holidays.  Either working or with no plans,  it can be easy to do the grass is greener brush stroke to whatever it is that may be occurring.  But every now and again, those bank holidays find a happy medium.  And who would have thought it would be just two bus journeys away in Portmarnock? ;)

To a little break seaside where we walked, saw magnificent colours thrown in the sky, took a coastal walk from Portmarnock to Malahide (read: loads of flies amongst the wildflowers. l-o-a-d-s), witnessed the Phoenix Masters swim club at open sea (incredible),  passed beach after beach and spoke of hopeful dreams to live by the coast.  It was a welcomed treat.

There truly is no stronger voice to make you pay attention to whats true at heart than the sea.  A true confidante.  An honest reflection.

And for the record, this bank holiday trip was just right.

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In a heartbeat

Sunday, August 6, 2017

What happens when two animation majors announce a Kickstarter campaign for their thesis project, initial goal: $3,000  ... they got $14,000.

Teary-eyed watching it.

Saturday Share | Anna Davis + Daniel Rueda

Saturday, August 5, 2017

When a couple travel the world and use architecture as their backdrop to create art.

The result is nothing short of quirky genius.  Follow their adventures on Instagram here + here!

via Swissmiss / Modern Met

Luna Restaurant | Drury Street

Friday, August 4, 2017

Luna is slick.  Think old school, classic Italian after hours glamour.  Wraparound black leather booth seating, warm lighting,  featured Campari bar, open kitchen and immaculate Louis Copeland attired waiters- it is a transport in time. DSC_0787 DSC_0808 DSC_0795 DSC_0800 DSC_0801 DSC_0798 DSC_0807 (2) Menus written in Italian,  a consistently written about facility (the confusion? separate entrances leading to a unisex toilet with a wall door entrance to each loo), nothing taking away from the style and ambience that is Luna.  Tempting to try the pricier a la carte menu , and if the pre-theatre menu is anything to go by it's my next spot for an occasion treat.

Open Tuesday-Saturday,  5-11pm.  Worth it.

London levels

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

DSC_0731 Joanne and I met in an unconventional way- thrown together by life in a very awkward scenario but instead of the million and one different ways that the situation could have gone (and there are many), we became friends. She's sharp around the edges, quick to offer up solutions, decisive and impatient with slow progress.  In contrast,  I am softer, more contemplative and tend to see most situations through rose-coloured glasses (to a fault, I might add).

She is the yin to my yang.  Life threw both of us a level to balance that day many, many years ago. We've been on it now for a little more than six years and there is no woman I am more proud to have by my side or call a best friend than her.

So it's no surprise that I tend to make a getaway for her any time I need a level to balance. And so we did, talked over bowls of steamed egg and veg, talked over new dishes from weekly menus, talked through a trip to Cambridge and over bowls of pasta and grain bowls.  We ate in direct proportion to the amount of clarity needed.

Full, many pounds heavier, but with that look of recognition in each other that hey, we've got this. We're okay.  It was a good trip.

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Now on to the other bits of clarity through copious amounts of food inhaled!:  London is teeming with restaurants and this trip we were sad to see some of our most anticipated missing the mark (it's an unbelievably hard venture and I am not envious of the work that goes into it and feel hard-hearted even writing that) , weekly menus that left us feeling confused and unsure and other places that just had us feeling like we spent too much.  BUT,  then a change of pace.  Enter Farmacy (thank you Taurean for this gem!) plant based, vegan, healthy fare.  I would be there every day of the week if I could.

If that cuisine isn't your usual cup of tea- I'd still recommend a try (I can already see the cringe on some of my friends as they read this- but I was converted).  The Mexican bowl, artichoke pizza and tumeric latte to finish were an absolute treat. Filling, guilt-free and delicious. Favourited already.

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A trip to Cambridge at the weekend.  I had been to Oxford on a trip before, adored its history and grounds so when Joanne suggested it's counterpart, it was an easy sell.  She introduced me to the perks of free walking tours and as we were whisked around by a recent PhD graduate of the university, it made me wonder why I wasn't doing this more often.  A sponge to the depth of knowledge that travel brings.  Or simply availing of all that a city can offer.

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There really is nothing better than a step away to find that clarity. As tiny as it may be. That level of balance.  As many degrees off from perfect as it may be.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Who is your inspiration?

"I am inspired every time I see someone stepping into their calling – doing something that feels true and beautiful, profound, or deeply kind. "

Erin Duininck of the GOLDEN RULE, 
from a beautiful interview in Wit & Delight

Sunday Comforts | via iPhone captures

Monday, July 24, 2017

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There is a Dutch word ''gezellig'' - one of those untranslatable words that gets broken down to meaning a warm cosiness from togetherness or spending time with loved ones- that sums up our Sunday with Adam's family.  Eddie and Margaret's home is just a little over an hour away from Dublin but whenever we go it feels like a proper step off the grid, a place to unwind, to while away the hours, to just be without the hustle of the city.

They tell me that I would grow tired of it after a week, and perhaps it's true- but I sure do like that even, steady pace at the weekend.  The best sort of Sunday comforts.

Amalfi | Two

Sunday, June 11, 2017

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